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Environmental problems can spread around the world and across generations. Heisen Group's perspective on the environmental conservation is based on the following principles of management what we call “Sanryo Shugi” or “3-Good Principle”.

“We must ask for what is good for your own self”

- We will strive for going concern and stable growth of our own enterprise.

“We must ask for what is good for your partners”

- We will strive for continuous growth of all parties associated with our business.

“We must ask for what is good for our society”

- We will strive for contributions to sustainable prosperity of our society.

Protecting the earth environment is an important part of our business policy and we contribute actively to management of the environment.

Reduction and avoidance of environmental risk

We propose business with environment-friendly products that can reduce the environmental burden on our customers.

Compliance with environmental related laws and regulations

We obey related laws and regulations to be held responsible for the continued existence of the company organization.

We increase enterprise value through the continued improvement

We prevent the management system from becoming a mere name through continuous efforts on improvements.

Cost cutting through environmental actions

We strive for the cost cutting through digitizing the goal for energy saving and waste reduction.

Teaching and openness

We offer information and training so that all those who work for our organization understand our environmental policy. This environmental policy is open to the public. All those who work for the Heisen Group should abide by this environmental policy.

Heisen Yoko and Heisen Group obtained ISO14001 certification in December 2003. Environmental conservation is of great importance to us. We will engage in environmentally sound management and make wide-ranging contributions to society.

Akira Takahama
President and CEO


Certification overview

Registered organization name Heisen Yoko Co Ltd / Koyo Sangyo Co Ltd
Certification standards ISO14001:2015,JIS Q 14001:2015
Certificate No. 4203479
Certificate authority Bureau Veritas Japan

Scope of certification

The scope of certification is as follows.

【Heisen Yoko Co Ltd】

  • ・Head Office
  • ・Nagoya Sales Branch
  • ・Kansai Sales Branch
  • ・Kyushu Sales Branch

【Koyo Sangyo Co Ltd】

  • ・Head Office
  • ・Kansai Sales Branch
  • ・Oyama Sales Branch