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Welcome to our website. Heisen Group is a commercial organization dedicated to serving the rubber, polyurethane and plastic industries. The group includes Heisen Yoko Co. Ltd, an international trading firm, and H&K Ltd, a polyurethane system house.

Heisen Yoko was established in 1920 and made its name by becoming the first Japanese company to import and distribute organic rubber chemicals from Germany. Since then, we have strived to offer, unique, specialized products for a wide range of industries.

We are also heavily involved in design and molding technologies, offering various advanced products including raw materials, specialty additives, parts and completed goods, simulation software, testing instruments, process equipment, etc. We cover diverse fields of application, such as electric and electronic appliances, automotive, office and plant automation, construction, sports equipment, etc. We take great pride in our many years of partnership with the world's foremost suppliers.

Since our foundation, we have maintained what we call our "Sanryoshugi", or motto, which calls on us to find ways of supporting our business partners and contributing to society, rather than simply seeking profit.

Thank you very much for visiting our website. I sincerely hope that this brings about the opportunity for new relationships to begin and current partnerships to grow stronger.

Akira Takahama
Heisen Group